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We attended the above plant for one of our very good customers too detect a drop in water pressure which was causing the main heat engine to constantly shut down. After isolating different sections of the plant it was found to be the worst possible outcome, the main underground bund has a built in heat exchanger (loops of pipework) to keep the digestate at a constant 30/40c unfortunately for the customer this had developed a leak due to the wrong type of material being used from the original installers. Our customer wasted no time in removing the access chambers to the bund and organising the full pump out and clean of the heat exchanger chamber and once cleaned we began starting the removal of the original 340m of carbon steel and supply and fit of stainless steel. The installation was completed in 4 days with a great team effort from T.P.M allowing the customer to begin the refill and test of the system. To allow the gas to be produced again a temporary heat source was brought in to allow the full test of the pipework and to bring the bund back up to the correct temperature for generation. Our customer was thoroughly happy with the fast response and professionalism of all at T.P.M and we look forward to an ongoing future relationship.